Michael Moore Reloads And Fires Out More Insults To Snipers

A week ago, filmmaker Michael Moore jump-started the criticism of American Sniper with his cheap shot at snipers. Not satisfied with discharging enough hatred towards brave snipers, Moore went off on another Twitter tirade against the talented military shooters. This time he involved Jesus and Christianity.


His calculated Tweets are being used to attack snipers because it’s a hot topic right now and because he wants to show that the Iraq War that he was against wasn’t justified. Just like a little boy, Moore is trying to say, “I told you so,” about a political issue that is over a decade old.

Michael Moore says outlandish things so dummies like myself promote it and give him free publicity. I understand the game that is being played and I realize that I am empowering him to spew more idiotic statements. With that being said, Moore needs to outed for his ridiculous ideas.

Meanwhile American Sniper’s domestic total through Sunday is an astounding $200.1 million.