Michael Moore Says ‘Snipers Aren’t Heroes’ And Are Cowards

Unfortunately the movie American Sniper has become quite politicized instead of just viewed as a great movie. Some are claiming that Clint Eastwood’s movie glorifies violence towards Muslims. Others say that Chris Kyle, the film’s protagonist, was a racist and shouldn’t be revered.

Snipers were a hot topic thanks to American Sniper‘s record $90.2 million holiday weekend box office. So documentary filmmaker Michael Moore attempted to garner some cheap publicity by saying some rather shocking things about snipers.

Calling valiant soldiers “cowards” by sending a Tweet from the safety of your Michigan mansion seems a bit ironic and moronic. No matter your political affiliation, you look like a complete asswipe when you belittle any member of the U.S. military who is putting their life on the line for your freedoms.

These brave individuals are in harm’s way and separated from their families for months at a time. The Marines, the Navy SEALs, and even the cook that makes them dinner are all courageous people making sacrifices so that people like Michael Moore can speak freely without persecution, no matter how dumb his nonsensical speech spewing from his fat mouth is. These brave souls should should be praised and not berated over a movie.

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