Victim of Miguel’s Billboard Music Award Leg Drop May Now Have Brain Damage

In what can only be described as one of the only memorable things to ever come out of a Billboard Music Awards broadcast, the Miguel leg drop story has taken a slight turn toward serious.  It turns out Khyati Shah, the girl whose head recieved the brunt force of Miguel's thigh, may be suffering from symptoms of brain damage that is “cognitive in nature and leads to suspicion of a neurological head injury.”  Her lawyer also took exception with the fact that the heads of the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas didn't insist she be rushed to the hospital; instead they opted to merely give her an ice pack.  The test results should be in by next week, and while the two sides' lawyers haven't talked to each other, Shah may stand to make a few bucks on this as her lawyer did happen to mention they are “open for settlement.”  Classic.

[H/T: DailyMail]