Comedian Mike Epps’ Wife Catches Him Trying To Pick Up Some Chick On Twitter

by 4 years ago


I’m sure that the recent rise of social media has caused many breakups in the short time span that Facebook/Instagram/Twitter has been around. It’s just so easy to fall into temptation and like some girls Instagram pic or send a DM when your significant other is away. But the problem with social media is that there’s always a footprint left behind and getting caught is easy.

On Monday night, comedian Mike Epps thought it was a good idea to holler at some girl on his Twitter account and in the process he got hilariously busted by his wife.

Epps obviously didn’t read our earlier post about a girl setting her boyfriend’s dick on fire for cheating on her because if he would have, he wouldn’t have risked it all for some Twitter chick.

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