The 9 Most Entertainingly Sloppy Drunk Golden Globes Moments Of All Time

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The Golden Globes are upon us once again (Sunday, January 10th), and the appeal of the Globes has always been one thing: shitfaced celebrities making complete fools out of themselves.

Basically, when you’re watching the Golden Globes, you can just assume that everyone there is drunk. Hell, half of them are probably drunk before the show even begins. It’s tradition. Most of them are able to handle themselves and keep their shit together. They are professional actors, after all.

But sometimes, that sweet demon liquor proves too powerful and that’s when everything goes to hell and we get a chance to laugh at our betters, which, let’s face it, is the most treasured American pastime of them all.

And in that spirit, we bring you these, the nine best drunken moments from the Golden Globes.

Sharon Stone

This is basically what would happen if you got a WOOOOO!!! girl (you know, those girls who get drunk and just start wooing all night like Ric Flair? Yeah, one of them.) to present an award. On the plus side, it proves that Sharon Stone is probably a fun drunk, all giggles and woos, and apparently an affectionate one too given how she hangs all over poor Richard Gere, who probably just wants to get home to his gerbil.

Andrew Garfield

This is the picture of a dude trying desperately to maintain. Look, we’ve all been there, but usually we don’t have millions of people watching us, so, honestly, Andrew Garfield does pretty well. At least until he stumbles all over a word and then its game over, man. At that point, he is basically dying. He is dead. And even a round of pity applause isn’t going to bring him back to life. Poor guy. Then again, he probably just went home and boned Emma Stone, so to hell with him.

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