Here’s The Most Popular Christmas Movie In Your State

Frankly, I’m shocked that this map of the most popular Christmas movie in every state isn’t just one gigantic red map of Die Hard. For the purposes of this article, I’ll just assume that because Die Hard (1988) won all 50 states they went with the 2nd favorite for each state.

My home state of Florida’s top choice for Christmas movies is Home Alone, which I’d definitely agree with as being the 2nd best Christmas film to Die Hard. Everyone loves Home Alone, it’s a fantastic and timeless film with action, comedy, and drama. It makes sense that Home Alone would be on this list several times.

What doesn’t make sense are the choices of states like Vermont (a movie from 1954, really?), nor do I understand why The Nightmare Before Christmas is so popular amongst the Western states. It’s an okay film at best, but it’s got NOTHING on Home Alone, Scrooged, or even Bad Santa.

Anyways, here is the most popular and beloved Christmas movie in your home state:

I’m actually a little shocked that Christmas Vacation only picked up 4 states.

For information on how this map was put together and the methodology that went into ranking the most popular Christmas movie in each state of America you can CLICK HERE to head on over to

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