10 Movies That Predicted The Future, Including Some That We Wish Had Been Wrong

movies predicted the future

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We may be closing in on Back To The Future Day, October 21, 2015, but that wasn’t the only film that eerily predicted things yet to come.

War Games, Videodrome, Americathon, Wag The Dog, Game of Death, Enemy of the State, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and even Super Mario Bros. all predicted the future.

Unfortunately, The Truman Show is also on this list because, well, you know… SOOOO MUCH REALITY TV. That’s probably one we could have done without being so good at foretelling what was in store. (Although EDtv would have been a more accurate choice. Anyone remember EDtv starring none other than Matthew McConaughey? Jenna Elfman and Elizabeth Hurley were SO hot.)