Netflix Dropped Another Trailer For Season Two Of ‘Narcos’ And, Yep, Looks Like More People Are Going To Die

As the greatest musical artist of all-time once said:

I was a big fan the first season of Narcos. This is for a bunch of reason, but the biggest one was probably that it was almost wholly based on the true story of Pablo Escobar‘s Medellin Cartel. Sure, they made up some stuff, but most of it was simply a dramatic retelling of the insanity of this time period. Plus, it’s one of those shows that make us like the villians more than heroes, and I’m all about that. Sure, it’s not too hard to be more interesting than that vanilla white dude they have running around with Oberyn Martell trying catch Pablo, but they still pulled it off. However, since the show is based on a true story, pretty much everyone knows how it ends. If you don’t, spoiler alert, Pablo gets greased. While I’m sure that Netflix hopes to get more than two seasons out of Narcos, this season does seem to begin to set up his ultimate fate, namely in the form of who has the honor plugging some lead into Pablo’s ass. All I know is that it won’t be me. Everyone else is a suspect.