Awesome New NBA 2K18 Features And Revamped Franchise Mode Allow You To Be The Ultimate GM

We have already seen the NBA 2K18 ratings revealed for some of your favorite players. Now we will check out some of the new features and the totally revamped franchise mode that sounds absolutely incredible for the wannabe general managers out there. NBA 2K18 unveiled that this year’s franchise mode will be different than others because it will be narrative-driven. You’ve seen narrative-driven play when it comes to single-player career modes, but this will bring some storylines to the usually analytical and finance-driven experience of the finance mode.

In the “MyGM: The Next Chapter” gameplay, you are a former NBA star who is returning to the league six years after a career-ending injury to become a general manager. Instead of just trading away players and making big free agent signings, you’ll also interact with your team’s owner, staff, and players, as well as the media and general managers from other teams.

NBA 2K18 senior producer Erick Boenisch promised that the content is fresh and “the intent is for an engaging experience that steers clear of the typical sports clichés you may be conjuring up in your head.” In the end, all franchise moves are in the players’ hands, and won’t be dictated by the story.

Other new improvements in the upcoming 2K game include updating the franchise mode to reflect the new NBA collective bargaining agreement, which includes “super max” contracts and the 14-player roster minimum. Teams will also have a stable of players to call up and send down to the NBA G League, which was formerly named the D-League. As a GM you’ll be able to “Draft-and-Stash” international players. Plus you’ll have the option to trade draft rights of a player who was already drafted.

As general manager you will have access to a vast amount of statistical data called the “Analytics Tool,” which is touted as “The Ultimate Research/Player Scouting Tool.” You can search for players based on raw stats, per game stats, per 36 minutes, or per 100 possessions. The search engine will allow you to seek a player based on salary, age, height, wingspan, and more.

NBA 2K18 storms into your world on September 19 on Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.