Someone Unearthed Negan’s Uncensored Introduction From ‘The Walking Dead’ And It Has Over Twenty F-Bombs

I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead. I know plenty of people who have given up on it due to frustration or whatever but I’ve willingly stuck with it. And, through all the seasons I’ve watched the show, I found that I like it best when the main characters are grappling with how to handle the people they come into contact with while also trying to toe the line between good and evil. Sure, the zombies are pretty cool, but not as interesting as two groups of people who are both just trying to do what is right finding themselves going to war on a post-apocalyptic battlefield that is populated with zombies.

So I definitely counted myself amongst those very satisfied at the conclusion of season 6. Sure, I was a little bummed about not knowing who Negan beat to death with his baseball bat covered in barbed wire, but we also were introduced to a new villain who beats people to death with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. That being said, I have never actually read the comics that the TV show is based off of, but apparently this Negan character is a sadistic fuck who also loves saying the word ‘fuck’. And, yeah, I’m not sure you can get away with saying ‘fuck’ during the Sunday night 9 PM timeslot on AMC, I wouldn’t be opposed to them figuring out a way to sneak it in once in awhile. Or more than twenty times over the course of eleven minutes.

AMC promised that the season 6 Blu-Ray would feature an uncensored cut of Negan’s introduction scene. Someone somewhere got their hands on it and posted it YouTube, and it’s currently scorching the interwebs. Keep an eye out for better quality to hit eventually. Also, spoiler, someone dies at the end.