New Documentary About ‘Making A Murderer’ Hints That Steven Avery ‘Targeted Teresa Halbach’

A new documentary by Investigation Discovery called Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty has revealed some new information regarding the now infamous star of Netflix’s Making A Murderer.

Many of the same people who appeared in Making A Murderer also show up in Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty, but some of the stories they tell have never been heard before.

For instance, according to the Investigation Discovery documentary, all vials of blood have a hole in the top of them because that’s how the blood is put into the vial, dismissing one of the key pieces of evidence Avery was trying to use in his defense.

Ken Kratz, who we’ve covered at length, has claimed that there were many facts left out of the Making A Murderer documentary.

Among them, Teresa’s friend, Tom Pearce allegedly told Kratz that one time she visited Avery was just wearing a towel and had trepidation about visiting him prior to her disappearance.

“Teresa was targeted by Steven Avery… she told Tom Pearce that ‘that guy creeps me out’…” said Kratz.

Reports the Mirror

Phone records show that Stephen called Teressa a number of times using *69 – a feature that wouldn’t allow his identity to display as unknown.

Avery’s lawyer Buting disputes this. He said: “They were tryin’ to make it sound like he was luring Teresa Halbach to come out to his auto salvage yard and where he could commit this dastardly crime.

“She was the only photographer for Auto Trader in that whole area of the state. So he doesn’t say, ‘Send Teresa Halbach.’ He says, “Well, you know, send that woman that you had out here to take pictures again.'”

Kratz, however, says that after Halbach expressed concern about returning to Avery’s home Avery used a false name to get her to come out there.

Avery’s lawyer Jerry Buting says that Avery was just using his sister’s name because she was the one selling the car.

The documentary also points out that Avery’s DNA was found on Teresa Halbach’s car, his sweat was discovered under the hood, but there were no fingerprints. Kratz claims that there was no way for police to plant Avery’s sweat underneath the hood of the car.

All of which continues to make everything as clear as mud. Hopefully, Avery’s new attorney Kathleen Zellner can use new tests and evidence to finally get to the bottom of this most bizarre case.

You can watch the entire new documentary below…

[protected-iframe id=”adae3c400b3b7e9cf7bdc94e65512b33-97886205-92827192″ info=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″]

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