Pretty Much Everyone On The New England Patriots Is In The ‘Entourage’ Movie

We’ve known for a while that the NFL’s favorite partyboy, Rob Gronkowski, will be in the forthcoming Entourage movie. Now we have confirmation straight from Marky Mark on the other members of the New England Patriots who will also star in the film


You’ll recall Tom Brady playing golf with Marky Marky and the gang while Turtle threw him shade back in a 2009 episode.

I’m not sure how Doug Ellin will integrate the Pats into the mix (party scene is my guess, or maybe another Johnny Drama golf scene?), but I hope it gives us a line as classic as “stop staring at the guy like you want to fuck him, Turtle.” Maybe even get perennial grump Bill Belichick into the mix, hoodie and all.

The Entourage movie release date is 5 June 2015. It should have been circled in your calendars months ago.

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