The Most Hype Rumor About ‘Rogue One’ Was Confirmed This Weekend And Has EVERYONE Jacked

This weekend was Star Wars Celebration: Europe, and there was absolutely no dearth of new information about 2016’s most anticipated movie.

The sizzle reel for Rogue One was fantastic, as was the new movie poster.

Fans who attended, though, got a much bigger treat. They got the proof that Darth Vader is in the film. It’s long been speculated, and practically confirmed, but a new trailer includes the first shots of Vader, post-Revenge of the Sith and pre-A New Hope.

From BirthMoviesDeath, who saw the footage:

And then combat! Shooting! A cargo shuttle exploding! A green faced CGI alien in a helmet turning and yelling at a bunch of other soldiers. Krennic walking. Someone – probably Krennic – kneeling before a hologram that will clearly be the Emperor, and which is flanked by two red Imperial Guards. And then finally a reflection of Vader, bathed in red light from what looks like the radar screen that showed off Yavin IV in A New Hope. He breathed. The crowd went nuts.

Fuck. Fuck. Yea.

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