Here’s Nicolas Cage Photoshopped As Every Major Character From ‘Game Of Thrones’, Your Life Is Now Complete

Someone photoshopped the One True God, Nicolas Cage, as every major character from Game of Thrones, and now that I’ve seen these pics I can finally die knowing I lived a complete live. Maybe you’re like me, and you’re a huge Game of Thrones fan AND a diehard Nic Cage fan who simply cannot change the channel when a Nicolas Cage movie is on TV (if Con Air or The Rock is on any channel, that’s what I’m watching). Or maybe you’re not the biggest GoT fan and these pics are a Game of Groans for you, either way, these pics definitely elicited a strong response from within your Cage loving loins.

As our sister site UPROXX points out, these pics were created by user CarlosDanger100, and include 30 of the main characters from HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. Below is a selection of my favorites, as well as an embedded gallery from Imgur showing all 30 pics from the ‘A Cage of Thrones’ series:

And here’s the full gallery for you to scroll through, embedded via IMGUR:

Cage of Thrones


I’d just like to send a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Reddit user CarlosDanger100 for having the time, patience, and dedication to put together this ‘Cage of Thrones’ series. I can only hope that this person is also skilled at making GIFs, because some Nicolas Cage x Game of Thrones GIFs would TRULY complete my life.