Norm Macdonald Derailing These Late Night Interviews Is Endlessly Watchable

The great thing about Norm Macdonald writing a memoir is that he’s been making the late night talk show rounds to promote it, reminding us all just how hilarious he is. From dropping blowjob jokes that literally caused Conan O’Brien to choke of laughter to revealing how he used to down bars of Xanax like they were Tic Tacs to calm the nerves before a standup performance, the dude just continues to display his comic genius.

David Letterman once paid Norm a compliment that I think sums him up perfectly.

“He is funny in a way that some people inhale and exhale. With others, you can tell the comedy, the humor is considered. With Norm, he exudes it. It’s sort of a furnace in him because he’s so effortless. The combination of the delivery and his appearance and his intelligence. There may be people as funny as Norm, but I don’t know anybody who is funnier.”

Not a bad nod of approval from a comedy legend.

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