O.T. Genasis Tells You What It’s Like To Go To Leo DiCaprio’s B-Day Party With $1M In Bottles

We all know that there was a shitload of ridiculously hot models at Leonardo DiCaprio’s 40th birthday party that went down in November. But finally months later we get a firsthand account of what it’s like to actually be in the building of a Leo extravaganza.

O.T. Genasis gave the insane deets about attending DiCaprio’s 40th birthday party to VladTV. The “CoCo” rapper was the extremely fortunate guest of Busta Rhymes and he explained just how ridiculous the lavish birthday party was, “That shit was poppin’ in there. I never seen nothing like it in my life. Not ever, ever in my life.”

“We go inside this motherfucker and somebody got a check for him for $100,000. Somebody else gave him a check for like $250,000,” O.T. Genasis says. Beats the $10 Applebee’s gift card that I got from my aunt Helen on my birthday.

“One guy, he was from Texas, he got on stage and was like ‘Tell the waiter to come here, I’m spending $300,000 on bottles,’ so we got Magnum bottles, the big-ass Magnum bottles. Tell somebody to beat that,” says O.T. Genasis.

It turns out that someone did beat that. “So this other guy comes up and I think he’s from Malaysia and he says, ‘I got $500,000.'” With that half of million dollars he purchased ten $50,000 Ace of Spade Magnum bottles. TEN.

However the insane spending didn’t stop there. Then they announced that two very wealthy gentlemen bought $1 million worth of bottles. Fuck me running! $1 million dollars on alcohol! I don’t think I respect Leo’s acting ability in The Great Gatsby because he’s living the real life of The Great Gatsby.

But wait, there’s more mind-blowing wealth to be flaunted. “Then the hostess goes on stage with two itty-bitty bottles of wine from like 1969 or something and they’re $250,000 each. Somebody bought that.”

“I said, ‘This is THE party.’ And everybody in there was wildin’, partying, dacning, having a good time,” the rapper excitedly announces.

Not that you needed the all that alcohol for the ladies to look sexy because it “looked like a Victoria’s Secret magazine” in there.

The interviewer asks the rapper, “Did you smash that night?” He replies, “No I actually didn’t man. I’ma keep it 100 wit you. I was overwhelmed bro. I never been to anything like that.”

And that is what it’s like to go to a Leonardo DiCaprio shindig. A preposterous party so stupid opulent that it distracts you to the point that you don’t even chase after model chicks.