Olivia Munn And Ryan Reynolds Squared Off In A Very Lopsided Psylocke Vs. Deadpool Sword Duel

Watching Olivia Munn gracefully show off her sword-weilding skills is endlessly watchable. She’s posted a series of videos to her Instagram in preparation for being casted to play Psylocke in the new X-Men movie and they require a drool cup. Equal parts sexy and badass.

Ryan Reynolds has taken his fame to new heights as his exposure for the upcoming Deadpool film has allowed us all to see his many talents. Deadpool co-star and funnyman T.J. Miller lauded Reynolds for his incredible wit and improv ability, saying ‘this guy knows his shit’ and he can ‘improv with the best of them’ (See: his spot-on movie trailer guy voice).

Together, Reynolds and Munn threw together this Psylocke Vs. Deadpool sword-weilding exhibition that’s definitely worth a watch.


Don’t bring a balloon animal to a sword fight, Ry. Bring a gun duhhh.

[h/t Uproxx]

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