This Year’s INSANE $200K Oscars Gift Bag Includes A Sex Toy, Vapes, And A Vampire Breast Lift?

Every year the Oscar nominees recieve a gift bag filled with some rather outlandish items with values that boggle the mind. The 2016 edition of the Academy Awards will be no different and in fact they’ve even dialed up the dollar amount, not to mention the WTF factor, all the way to 11 this year.

Coming in at around $200,000 (last year’s bag was worth $125,000), this year’s Oscars gift bag is filled with items that will make you question just who exactly is going to be using some of these things.

On the somewhat practical side, the bag comes with two trips. Of course they aren’t just any trips they’re worth $55,000 (a 10-day, first-class trip to Israel) and $45,000 (a 15-day walking tour of Japan) respectively. So right there you have two items worth $100 grand all by themselves.

One of the other big ticket items comes from Audi who will be giving nominees a year’s worth of unlimited car rentals worth $45,000.

Nominees will also receive $31,200 worth of skin creams from Lizora, $5,530 worth of laser skin therapy, a $249.99 Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer (Leonardo DiCaprio will be happy with that), $1,400 in training sessions with “celebrity wellness expert” Jay Cardiello, and a Fit Club TV “Ultimate Fitness Package” worth $6,250.

Then things, as is always the case with the Oscars gift bag, kind of go off the rails.

Among the other gifts nominees will receive are a $1,900 “Vampire Breast Lift” and a $250 “arouser” offering “gentle suction and stimulation” for the female nominees.

“Arouser…” That’s a rather unique way to say sex toy, don’t you think?

All in all, coming in at around $200,000 this year’s gift bag blows away the record for most expensive Oscars gift bag of all time. So see, it really is true, all the nominees really are winners after all.

H/T That Daily Beast, The Guardian; Photo: Helga Esteb /

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