There Is a Petition Dedicated to Boycotting Jennifer Aniston Movies Due to Lack of Visible Nudity

This has angered one guy.

In a petition sent to BroBible, an unnamed man or group of men takes Aniston and her PR team to task for “hyping-up” her nude scenes, then refusing to follow through with any skin in the actual movies. “For over a decade,” he writes. “Jennifer Aniston and her PR-team have been continually and intentionally deceiving us about the inclusion of nudity by her in her movies!” He goes on to say that this deceit leaves him no choice: On August 7, he must boycott We're the Millers and any future films “until she finally does what she and her PR-team have been falsely claiming she would do in her movies for the last decade: a nude scene – WITHOUT the use of body-doubles, bad lighting, prosthetics, blurring, obscuring objects or CGI!”

The petition is incredible. 1,000 words written. Linked Twitter and Facebook accounts. Dozens and dozens of exclamation points. The use of the term “bait and switch.” The guy is pissed.

The real meat of the argument comes when AnistonBoycott lays out the actress's decade-long gravitation toward “fake” nude scenes. He cites six examples. And, I dunno. Underneath the obvious lunacy of it all, he kind of has a point?1

The Good Girl (2002)

Hype: Jennifer Aniston's “First sex-scene” where she'll be “semi-nude”

End result: No Visible Nudity! There's a “semi-nude sex-scene” but its too dark to see anything!

Rumor has it (2005)

Hype: There's “Topless scene”.

End result: No Visible Nudity! Shot from back!

Derailed (2005)

Hype: Jennifer has “steamy, passionate sex-scene” which was so “rough and physical” she got bruises on her legs-which she frequently mentioned in interviews promoting the movie.

End result: No visible Nudity! and the “steamy sex-scene” was interrupted before it even began!

The Break Up (2006)

Hype: Jennifer Aniston will be completely naked! in scene where she walks around totally nude!

Headlines: “Jennifer Aniston Bares All For The Break Up”, “Jen enjoyed naked scenes”, “Jennifer Aniston Gets Naked and Hairless for Film Scene”

Quotes from Jennifer: “Its one of those scenes that you sort of forget about because you love the movie and the script so much.” “I just knew that it would be shot tastefully and it was such a funny joke in my mind, that I just figured well, just grin and bare it.” “I just got crazy, ripped off my skirt and went: ‘Woo! Woo!’”“I guess there’s something liberating about walking around completely nude. I am comfortable being naked.”

End Result: No Visible Nudity! All nudity was cut, obscured and blurred!

Marley&Me (2008)

Hype: Jennifer has naked skinny-dip scene!

Headlines: “Jennifer Aniston gets naked in Marley&Me”, “Owen Wilson: I loved getting naked with Jennifer Aniston”.

End result: No Visible nudity! “Skinny-dip scene” was too dark and quick to see anything.

Horrible Bosses (2011)

Hype: Jennifer plays “sexually aggressive”, “sex-crazed” character in “raunchy” movie for which she shot topless-scene!

Headlines: “Jen to Go Topless”, “Aniston: Stripping Away the Girl Next Door”, “Jennifer Aniston Secret Nude Scene”.

Quotes from “production sources” (AKA. PR): “She shot a topless-scene, but produces aren't sure if they'll use it”.”you see Jen’s face and boobs in same shot”.“It was something that had to be worked out before she even signed her contract, so she's committed”.

End result: No Visible Nudity! She was “topless” but had coat on!

AND Lastly, the worst case of false-marketing in her career, and probably movie history:


Hype: Jennifer Aniston FINALLY does a topless scene! and multiple sex-scenes including threesome with 2women! The PR marketing-hype about this “topless-scene” began 2YEARS before movie was released, before it even began filming!

Headlines: “Jennifer Aniston to go Topless in Next Movie Role”, “Jennifer Aniston Goes Topless, Smokes Pot and Has Orgies” “Jennifer Aniston Calls Nude Scenes 'Liberating'”

Quotes from Jennifer: “Yeah, there was a lot of [nudity]”. “Bottomless, topless. Yeah, there is. It's happening.”

End Result: NO VISIBLE NUDITY! Once again she had her topless-scene cut out and replaced with a pixelated version after 2years of hype about it!

Even more infuriating was in interviews promoting Wanderlust (after she had nudity cut), she still kept talking about the topless scene and acting like the nudity was still in movie! Worst example of this was her disgraceful “interview” with Chelsea Handler, (who's one of Aniston's closest friends). They obviously planned the interview out together beforehand so it would generate most possible buzz by focusing on Aniston's (non-existent) nudity. The result was disgustingly deceptive comments like this:

Chelsea: “I’ve been lucky enough to see you topless in our private life, but now America, when they go to see the movie, will get to see her topless running!”

Aniston: “There's a lot of nudity. And a lot of slow motion action nudity!”

This is a disgraceful display of false-marketing and deception from Aniston. When Chelsea implies that Jennifer will appear (VISIBLY) topless, instead of denying it and correcting her and saying the nudity’s been cut, like an honest person would do, she doesn't deny it and basically affirms it by saying yes theres lots of nudity! This is completely shameless behavior by Aniston! and Chelsea clearly has no integrity either!


We're the Millers premieres August 7. Just for the record, Aniston does not get naked.

1If you're looking for any sourcing on these quotes… there is none.

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