The Post-Credits Scene For ‘Deadpool’ Has Leaked And It Confirms Which Villain Is Being Brought In For The Sequel

This post is full of spoilers, so read at your own discretion — or don’t, get pissy about ruining the movie for yourself and bitch about it in the comments. See if I care!

The upcoming Deadpool movie has been THE cinematic talk of the town, what with T.J. Miller coming out to say which jokes were too dirty to make it to the final version of the film to the fact that there’s nothing else to talk about movie-wise because so far this February has been a complete wasteland in terms of movie premieres (Zoolander 2 has got a whopping 26% on Rotten Tomatoes already and the only decent other option appears to be Hail, Caesar!), everyone’s hyped for the “Merc with a Mouth.”

The hype train is SO real that the studio behind Deadpool has already decided they’re going to make a sequel. How do we know this? Well, Fox has already come out and said it – but there’s also a super-special-awesome post-credits scene hidden at the end of Deadpool; in fact there’s TWO post-credit scenes, both of which have leaked and that you can watch HERE.

The first one, shown at recent preview screenings, is basically a spoof on how every superhero movie these days needs to have a friggin’ post-credit scene. Deadpool comes out in a bathrobe, tells everyone to go home and then dips. Have a nice day, no new information for you boners here.

However, the second post-credit scene, which will be the one included at the end of the film once its been released to the public, has Deadpool coming out and announcing without any fanfare whatsoever who the villain in the sequel will be. Spoiler alert: it’s Cable.

He then tells everyone to go home again.

As for who will be eventually cast for Cable, Deadpool throws out some wildly famous names just for shits and kicks, but until they announce the cast and get the ball on this movie rolling, we’ll just have to wait with shortened breath – or breathe normally, if you can’t handle that.

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