T.J. Miller Says These Jokes Were Cut From The Final Version Of ‘Deadpool’ Because They Were Too Dirty

by 3 years ago

What’s apparently “too dirty” to make the final cut of Deadpool is really just another day at the BroBible office. According to T.J. Miller, the final R-rated cut of Deadpool had to have several jokes cut due to them either being too dirty or just too damn weird. Via IGN:

”There was some stuff that was just, like, so ridiculous that even the director [Tim Miller] was going, ‘This is obtuse and no one is gonna be into it.’”

Miller goes on to give a few examples of what was eventually cut:

”You look like a trucker shit on your shoulders and shaped ears into it.”

“You look like someone pulled your balls up through your mouth and wrapped them around your head.”

Eh, those aren’t so bad in my book but for all the moms who accompany their 10-year-old kids into Deadpool because “They wanted to see the new superhero movie!!!!”, yeah that might be pushing it (as is the entirety of the film, but what do I know? (a lot. I know a lot)).

[Via IGN]

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