Visual Proof That All Movie Trailers Are Pretty Much Exactly The Same

every movie trailer same


Ever noticed that just about every movie trailer you see is just like the last movie trailer you saw? Sure, the characters and the locations are different, but other than that it’s all so interchangeable?

Thanks to the folks over at Red Letter Media our suspicions have now been confirmed.

Here’s how it goes…

— Establishing Shot Of The City.


— Mysterious, Cryptic, And Vague Lines.

— Make Your Characters Look Cool.

— Build Up To Silence.

— Action Montage! (Don’t Forget The Powerful And/Or Inspiring Dialogue.)

— End Montage With Another Hard Cut To Quiet.

— Eh, Throw A Laser Shooting Into The Sky. Why Not?

— Title.

— Clever And/Or Funny End Tag Before Release Date.


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