Rapper Stitches Punches Over-Excited Fan In The Face At Show, Fan Shuts Down Security Guard

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The highly anticipated fight between The Game and Stitches never happened. But it appears that Stitches is taking on much easier opponents, over-excited fans that come to his shows.

During a recent show, a fan in the front row reaches out to the Florida rapper in a seemingly non-threatening way. The fan taps Stitches in the stomach, almost as a “I’m drunk and in the front row, can I get some love” kind of move. Stitches wasn’t having any of it and responded by punching the fan directly in the face.

A security guard then comes over to fend off this overzealous fan. The dude in the crowd disables the security guard with one simply amazing maneuver. He didn’t punch or body slam the security guard, he merely pulled the strings on the man’s hoodie. His hood closed up like he was Kenny from South Park.

Even though the fan was removed from the show, he still gets the win and the security guard takes the “L.”

At least The Game knows how to get a fight with Stitches, go to his show and try to show him some love.