This Marvelous Cartoon Explains Why We Really Share Videos, So If You Don’t Share It, You Hate Your Brain

by 2 years ago

reasons why people share video cartoon animation

This animated explainer from LifeHacker reveals the psychological reasons why we internet people share online videos. If you’re into learning why people do what they do, then this is the video for you. If you don’t care about your brain rotting to the point of worm infestation, others might and that’s called ‘revulsion’, so HA! you just learned something anyway, dunce. Be gone.

Let’s recap:


Funny videos bring you joy and “schadenfreude” isn’t referring to a shady psychology professor; it means “harm-joy”.


But, when the harm caused to another doesn’t elicit joy, and is unjust or unfair victimization, that causes outrage and anger. “Can you believe this happened? I’m glad it’s not me. Something needs to be done” to restore imbalance. You can see how there could be some blurred lines (you know you want it) between “funny” and “outrageous”.


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