Rob Gronkowski Grinding With This Chick During His Party Cruise Is Closer To Sex Than Dancing


The first Gronk Party Ship Party cruise looked to be a smashing success. The three-day slop fest pulled in artists like Flo Rida, Waka Flocka Flame, Sammy Adams, and of course the entire Gronkowski goon squad. Yesterday, we posted the highly entertaining video of Gronk getting turnt on stage with a couple dancing chicks, slapping one of their bums with a towel. From the below footage, it looks like the party was just one long 72-hour blur and the $225 price of admission was well worth the lifetime of memories.

Especially for this girl.

If you're not here you lost. Waka & big rob #gronkspartyship #TeamJB #gronknation @wakaflocka

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Latergram: Gronk is very serious about his offseason dance training program. #MardiGronk

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The Gronkowski’s know only one speed, even well into their sixties.

Papa Gronk just being The Innovator he is. #MardiGronk

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Here’s why we want to party with Gronk:

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