Ronda Rousey Is Such A Bro, After Going To The Marine Corps Ball She Went To The Greatest Restaurant On Earth

As I’m sure you dudes read here on BroBible, a while back Ronda Rousey was invited to attend the Marine Corps Ball and unlike most celebrities who say ‘yes’ on Twitter or YouTube and back out later, Ronda actually went to the ball with Jarrod Haschert. That’s already a pretty bro move from Ronda Rousey, taking time away from her life as one of the busiest people in the world (MMA, acting, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, etc.), but the night didn’t end with the ball.

After the Marine Corps Ball was over Ronda Rousey and a few marines went to the greatest restaurant on planet earth, my favorite restaurant. While there she did what everyone does at this glorious dining establishment, ate food and drank beer. She also got into an argument with one of the waitresses who probably had no idea who she was. In this clip Ronda also opens up about how attending the Marine Corps Ball was the first time she’d smiled and gotten off the couch since losing her first professional fight:

As much as I feel like we’re getting dangerously close to COMPLETE AND TOTAL OVER EXPOSURE of Ronda Rousey, I did think this video was worth sharing with you bros because Hooters is tops. It doesn’t get any better than Hooters, and it’s nice to know that a mutual love of this wing slinging establishment is something that Ronda Rousey shares with all of us.

Now if you’re looking for all of her body paint pictures and videos from the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue then you can stop reading and CLICK HERE for the goods.

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