Russell Crowe Just Outed Himself As A Whiny Teenager, Went Off On An Airline For The Dumbest Reason Imaginable

Last night on Twitter Russell Crowe went off on an airline for a reason that’ll make you cringe so hard your eyes might get stuck rolling back into your head. The former general of the Roman armies, the man who got drunk on South Park and went fighting around the world with his best friend/boat named ‘Tugger’…this guy tried to publicly shame an airline on social media for not allowing him on on the plane with his stupid ass hoverboard.

It started with a tweet:

Virgian Australia responded, citing safety concerns:







Russell Crowed was so pissed off over Virgin Australia’s hoverboard policy that he actually canceled his flight, not realizing that nearly every (it might actually be all of them) commercial airline in Australia has banned hoverboards:

And thus was the moment that Russell Crowe lost any and all street cred he might have ever had. The dude thinks just because he’s a celebrity the rules don’t apply to him like they do the rest of the Australian population.

In Gladiator (2000) it was Proximo who told Russell Crowe’s character (Maximus) ‘Win the crowd and you will win your freedom’. This is not how you win the favor of the people, General Maximus. In fact, I used to think Russell Crowe was a pretty chill dude until I saw him sounding off on Twitter last night with his stupid ass complaints. I once saw Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe talking to each other at a party during the Cannes Film Festival at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes and it was like top 5 celebrity moments of my life…because you can’t tell the two men apart when they’re standing next to each other. Now I’m going to have to downgrade that moment to top 20. Apparently Russell Crowe’s a massive douche, and that’s just something we’re all going to need to accept… (h/t UPROXX)

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