Ryan Reynolds Showed Up As Deadpool To Crap All Over His Movie’s ‘Honest Trailer’ And It Was Goddamn Fantastic

You know what’s even better than when Screen Junkies do a really cool “Honest Trailer” for a movie? When Ryan fucking Reynolds shows up in his Deadpool costume and rips into for them doing it for his movie.

“Look, the only reason I’m even here is to promote Deadpool, which is now out on Blu-Ray and DVD, blah, blah, blah, like anyone still fucking buys those glorified fucking drink coasters,” says Reynolds, I mean Deadpool, “So let’s be real, Honest Trailer guy, I’m way too big of a deal to be slumming it in some played out web series.”

And if there is any question that it is really him, he answers that in the only way Reynolds, dammit, I mean Deadpool would, “No, It’s Rhythm Nation-era Janet Jackson. Yeah, I’m motherfucking Deadpool.”

As for Screen Junkies’ critique of the film? Well…

“Everyone is sucking my dick now and you sure as shit should be too you backass twaddlefuck,” says an obviously agitated Deadpool.

So, uh, yeah, can Deadpool 2 just go ahead and come out this weekend already? Pretty please?

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