Sacha Baron Cohen Gives Donald Trump AIDS In New Movie

Sacha Baron Cohen loves having celebrities in his movies. Pamela Anderson was in Borat, Megan Fox was in The Dictator, Bono, Chris Martin, Chris Martin, Elton John, Slash, Snoop Dogg and Sting were in Brüno. Now, Cohen will feature Donald Trump in his next movie, but it won’t be in a very complimentary light.


Cohen’s new film The Brothers Grimsby began production in 2014, but the comedian has been so taken by Trump that he wrote a part in for the Donald. Cohen, who is definitely not afraid to be a provocateur, will have the leading GOP presidential candidate in his upcoming movie and he will contract AIDS.

There is apparently a scene involving an actor portraying Daniel Radcliffe, and he is shot and the Harry Potter actor’s HIV infected blood splatters into the mouth of the fictionalized Trump.

The Brothers Grimsby doesn’t open in the U.S. until March 11, but it is currently playing internationally. The early response from the scene is reportedly almost universally cheers and applause from the audiences.

There was speculation that Sony execs were panicked over the controversial scene and were fearful that the sue-happy Trump would bring a lawsuit against the entertainment company. However, Jean Guerin, a spokeswoman for Sony, completely denied that the studio pressured Cohen to remove the scene. “The report of a dispute with the filmmaker is absolutely ridiculous,” said Guerin. “We are 100 percent supportive of the filmmaker and the film.”

This just the latest chapter in the ongoing feud between Cohen and Trump that dates all the way back to 2003. That is when Cohen pitched Trump his invention of an “ice cream glove” while undercover for Da Ali G Show.

Trump didn’t appreciate the fake interview, and walked out so fast it would make your head spin. In 2012, he bragged about sniffing out the scam on Twitter.

After Cohen spilled ashes all over Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet of the 2012 Oscars, Trump called the comedian “a moron who should have been pummeled.”

In December, Cohen called Trump a “hairy vagina” who has “a brain like a female chicken” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

At the U.S. premiere of The Brothers Grimsby, Cohen dressed as his Grimsby character and wore one of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat while drinking and a beer and holding a gun.

The Brothers Grimsby stars Mark Strong, Rebel Wilson, Isla Fisher and Penélope Cruz.