This ‘Sausage Party’ Gag Reel Features Seth Rogen Doing His Signature ‘He-Huh-Heee’ Laugh

There is nothing I want more than Seth Rogen’s hard-R animated comedy “Sausage Party” to win an Oscar this upcoming Oscar season. I’m glad Sony is making a legit push for the film to get a nom since (A. it was easily the one of the most entertaining flicks of the summer and (B. The Academy reallllllly needs to learn how to take themselves less seriously.

Sausage Party is now out on Blu-Ray (buy it here on Amazon!) and it’s chock-full of extras and behind-the-scene featurettes, along with an alternate ending.

We got our hands on a clip from the gag reel. Seth Rogen cracking himself up and breaking into his signature “he-huh-hee” laugh will never get old.

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