Seth Rogen’s ‘Sausage Party’ Is Running A Full-Out Oscar Campaign

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Seth Rogen’s animated hard-R comedy Sausage Party was easily one of the most entertaining movies of the summer. Sony, the studio behind the film, now wants to double-down on the flick and get it nominated for some Oscars It’s a wonderful slap-in-the-face to the stuffy conventions of Hollywood. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Earlier this year, Sausage Party, a comedy about a store full of grocery products confronting their own mortality, grossed $135 million worldwide on a $19 million budget, making it the most commercially successful R-rated animated film ever while earning an 83 percent critics’ approval rating at And so the studio has decided to give it a full-out awards campaign, including but not limited to a push for a best animated feature Oscar nomination (which only one R-rated film, 2015’s Anomalisa, ever has received).

“Academy members are way smarter and more forward-thinking than people realize,” Sony Pictures chief Tom Rothman tells The Hollywood Reporter. “They want to recognize bold, original, risky breakthroughs, and that’s what Sausage Party is, however subversive. Plus, it’s just plain cool.”

According to THR, this involves sending out mailers, cocktail party meet-and-greets with Seth Rogen, advertisements, and screenings of the movie for Oscar voters around the country.

Please, please, please win. The world needs Seth Rogen to do a tremendous bong rip on the stage of the Dolby Theater before giving an Oscar speech.

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