Seth Meyers Has A Scalding Hot Take On The Trump-Vs-Hamilton Feud So Put On Your Tinfoil Hat

Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers the host took a few moments to discuss the ongoing feud between the cast of Broadway’s Hamilton musical and Donald Trump/Mike Pence.

Supporters of President-Elect Donald Trump were outraged to see theater goers booing VP-elect Mike Pence at Hamilton on Friday evening, and they were even more incensed by the cast of ‘Hamilton’ reading a prepared statement to Mike Pence about equality, and the VP-Elect’s obligation to defend the rights of every American. The statement was a possible retaliation to previous comments from Mike Pence in which he stated “Congress should oppose any effort to put gay and lesbian relationships on an equal legal status with heterosexual marriage.”. If you’re interested, you can read the cast of Hamilton‘s statement in full here.

As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, Donald Trump threw a hissy fit on Twitter over the cast of Hamilton‘s actions and demanded an apology. In the Seth Meyers clip above Seth goes on a rant similar to something we’re accustomed to seeing from John Oliver on Last Week Tonight where he makes the case that Trump’s going nuclear on Hamilton and having his legions of followers #BoycottHamilton is all a ruse to distract from 1) Donald Trump’s troubling international business conflicts and 2) Trump settling a MASSIVE FRAUD lawsuit on Friday (when Pence was at Hamilton) for $25 million. The settlement effectively means Donald Trump admits to committing fraud on an enormous scale but due to the terms of the settlement DJT will never have to admit he committed fraud because Trump’s got the best lawyers around.

I don’t predict we’ll see any rational discussion surrounding Seth Meyers’ assertions that the Trump team placed Mike Pence at the most liberal musical in the world in one the most liberal cities in America to distract from Trump’s business entanglements or the settlement. One side will call this an outlandish conspiracy theory and the other side will say it’s just another example of DJT manipulating the media…I’ll let you bros judge for yourselves what you think happened after hearing Seth Meyers state his case above.

If you haven’t seen the footage of Mike Pence being booed you can check that out here: