Shia LaBeouf Not In Rehab, But IS Being Treated For Alcoholism

Despite previous reports that Louis Stevens had checked into rehab, his publicist released a statement last night to announce that all that is bogus, but he is “seeking treatment for alcoholism.” Does the fact that you’re in a rehab or not in a rehab really make a difference? The dude’s an alcoholic, and he’s seeking treatment for it, what do the logistics of the treatment really matter?

Per TMZ –

She says his bizarre conduct over the last few months is symptomatic of a larger health issue — alcohol addiction — and he understands it.

It sounds like Shia is in a 12-step program. The rep says “he has taken the first of many necessary steps toward recovery.”

I’ve watched enough Intervention to understand that alcoholism is a disease, but a “larger health issue”? The fact that I have constant uncontrollable diarrhea is a larger health issue, getting blacked out and fighting homeless guys is just weird.

I hate when people use alcohol as an excuse to do stupid shit. I’ve gotten drunk plenty of times in my life, but I never try to pick fights with strangers on the street, or spit in cops faces, or disrupt Broadway plays. Also, if you’re gonna get wasted, maybe skip the evening showing of Cabaret and go shoot pool or something.

Your true self comes out when you get wasted, so I think Shia needs to be treated for being an entitled asshole just as much as he needs to be treated for alcoholism.