Shia LaBeouf Reportedly Cuffed and Escorted Out of a Broadway Show In Tears (UPDATE)


Killin’ it, Shia. Just killin’ it, Bro. Apparently Shia LaBeouf was detained for causing a disturbance at Cabaret, the musical. The tweet above is from actor Benj Pasek, who saw it go down. So says Broadway World, Shia LaBeouf was in tears when taken away by police. Audience members oescribed the actor as having been extremely disruptive throughout the entire first act of the show.

Via the LA Times: “Shia LaBeouf is in NYPD custody after being escorted out of CABARET the musical. He is being questioned, police tell me.”

Via ABC news that “LaBeouf, 28, was smoking inside the theater and engaging in other disruptive behavior, according to the source.”

Broadway World has this interesting not according to cast member Danny Burstein on Facebook, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your places call for Act II. Also, to let you know, Shia LaBeouf has just been escorted from the building in handcuffs.”

Here’s a pic:

Tough days for Shia.

ABC US News | ABC Sports News

UPDATE: (Covucci here, but I had to jump into Brandon’s post to add this because it is AMAZING). From Gawker:

Per ABC’s Aaron Katersky, LaBeouf was charged by police with criminal trespass and two counts of disorderly conduct, and apparently threatened police and other guests as the show. And according to Page Six, he allegedly told police officers at the Midtown precinct, “Fuck you. I’ll fuck you up.” Police also apparently had to put him in a face mask because he kept spitting.

Also, word on the street is he was kicked out for smoking. Inside the show. Shia gonna Shia.

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