Shia LaBeouf Punched A College Student In The Face During His 24-Hour Elevator Ride

Shia LaBeouf stirred up a fuss when he spent 24 hours outta this weekend in an elevator at Oxford in the name of art, but this right here has to be the highlight. Unfortunately we can’t see LaBeouf let loose the haymaker, but you can for sure hear it at the end. Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll inform you I’m a massive Shia fan. The actor pushes the boundaries of absurdity with an impassioned fuck-it kind of go-getterism. You have to wonder whether his latest antics were really carried out as a means to express himself artistically, or if the guy is so far down the rabbit hole it’s just too late to turn back now. Based off Shia’s previously published drunken altercations (usually with fists flying), I suspect the young British scholar who so desperately needed to take a beatdown for his performance art project got a bit more of the hurt than he planned for. This comes to mind.