You Can Live Stream Shia LaBeouf Riding In An Elevator For 24 Hours Straight Because ART

The single greatest artist of our generation, Shia LaBeouf, is in Oxford right now and he’s riding in an elevator for 24 hours straight. He’s not alone, Shia LaBeouf has invited fellow genius artists Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turnerwill, because no brilliant artist should ever spend his time in an elevator alone.

Why do you care? Well, you can live stream Shia LaBeouf’s time in the Oxford elevator from 9am Friday on through 9am Saturday. And don’t worry if this ‘art’ doesn’t gel for you right away, Shia LaBeouf is a brilliant artist and you can rest assured that THIS IS 100%, REAL PERFORMANCE ART. Also, just because you ride in an elevator to/from your office all day it doesn’t mean you’re an artist, you bros just don’t get how deep and artistic Even Stevens is.

Go ahead, live stream Shia LaBeouf’s elevator performance are for a few minutes and you’ll understand everything. After 30 minutes you’ll unlock the secrets of the pyramids and how they came to exist. After an hour you’ll have an epiphany on why humanity exists on planet earth. And after 12 hours you might want to stop, because it’s not fucking healthy to watch Shia LaBeouf riding in an elevator for 12 hours.

I just got to the part of the live stream where wünderkind artist Shia LaBoop is discussing the power of ‘silecne’…So I think any minute now these artists are just going to be riding in that elevator in complete silence…How fun…Wait, now they’re talking about Leeds United and soccer. How fucking riveting this art is….Whoops, spoke too soon! Now Shia’s discussing how he’s been sold a complete ‘shit misrepresentation of masculinity’ and we get to hear Shia talk about what in the hell he thinks masculinity is…Just A++ art here.

[h/t Metro]