Six Questions We Have After ‘Game Of Thrones’ The Battle Of The Bastards

It’s hard to imagine a better 70 minutes of television than this week’s episode of Game Of Thrones. The showdown between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton — a.k.a. The Battle Of The Bastards — will go down as one of the show’s greatest episodes when the dust is settled.

Even with the satisfying dog feast at the end, it leaves many questions. Can anyone stop Daenerys when she finally starts her assault on Kings Landing (I hope not)? Is Jon Snow *actually* a careless leader in warfare? Who was the more clutch player in the Battle of the Bastards — Wun Wun (RIP!) who made the ultimate sacrifice for the team or Sansa,  who pulled the ultimate sneaky move by getting Littlefinger to bring in the army from the House of Arryn? Bro or not Bro for Sansa to not tell Jon Snow that she had a plan up her sleeve the entire time?

So many questions.

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