SNL: Jonah Hill Is ‘The Champ’ Who Wins A Big Wrestling Match That Makes An Entire Town Love Him

Saturday Night Live returned last night after a brief hiatus and Jonah Hill hosted the show for his fourth time. In the pre-recorded sketch, Hill shows off his acting chops. The Hollywood actor plays Nate, a high school wrestler who just pulled off an unbelievable win against a previously undefeated opponent from a rival school. Everyone in the entire town seemingly adores Nate until the local news airs. I recommend that you watch the skit instead of reading what happens so that you may enjoy it more.

You know those feel-good news stories of a football team letting an opponent who is maybe mentally or physically handicapped score a touchdown? Well, SNL flipped the script on those heartwarming stories.

Hill wins the big wrestling match, and is one of the cool kids. He even has a cute cheerleader fawning over him and inviting him to drink beers. Nate passes because he is worried about how the late night and alcohol could affect his next wrestling performance. Instead, he goes home to his proud parents and watches the local news. The top story is how the undefeated wrestler threw his match and let Nate win “as an act of charity” because he is a loser.

“Everyone feels very sorry for Nate because he sucks so hard,” the hot cheerleader says. “That’s why the whole community came together to pretend he won,” says another student.

The news interviews the high school janitor who reveals that Nate is such a loser that he can’t hold his peepee or his poopoo until he gets to the toilet and makes a mess of the lavatory. The janitor reveals that Nate has had a pumpkin in his locker the entire year, and that he calls it his girlfriend. There is even a small hole in the gourd for Nate to make love to his “girlfriend.”

Tigers forever!

Why Eric McCormack? I guess things have really gone downhill since Will & Grace.

Jonah is such an underrated comedic actor that he could easily pull off being a cast member of Saturday Night Live.