Snoop Dogg Says Rumored Epic Tour With Dr. Dre, Eminem And Kendrick Lamar Just May Happen

Snoop Dogg is proposing a mega tour with an all-star lineup of himself, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. In what may be the most hyped concert series since the Up In Smoke tour from 2000, which included Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem.

Snoop was on DJ Whoo Kid’s The Whoolywood Shuffle radio show, where he teased the notion of the incredible killers row of lyricists.

Tha Doggfather said, “We’re trying to get it together. Dre said he want it to be myself, him, Kendrick, Eminem. It’s a wishlist that can possibly become a reality, if all parties agree. I’d love to make it happen. I love everybody involved and I ain’t trying to get all the money. I just want what I’m worth and I’m gonna’ do what I do.”

Back in October, on an episode of Dr. Dre’s Beats 1 show, “The Pharmacy”, Dre proposes the same lineup of all-star rappers in a “full production” European tour called the “Beats and Rhymes” tour.

This is one of the things that I’ve dreamed about doing. I want to call it ‘Beats & Rhymes’. I want it to be me and Snoop. I want it to be Eminem. I want it to be Kendrick Lamar. (Kendrick, holla at us!) Do a tour over in Europe and call it Beats & Rhymes and take our full production over there and take our full stage over there and show Europe the same amount of love that they been showing me throughout my entire career. So, that’s my dream. Hopefully we can make that happen.

“Your dream sounds like Woodstock on steroids,” Snoop replied. “Let’s call it ‘Hoodstock’.” Up In Smoke Too?

By adding the type of legendary performance that Kendrick put on at the Grammys, this show would be tremendous.

Snoop D-O-Double D also talked about the Rams coming to Los Angeles and the Cam Newton controversy.

When asked which 2016 presidential candidate he likes right now, Snoop responded, “I like the old man,” referring to the 74-year-old Bernie Sanders. “He saying some slick shit, I like how he get down.” Snoop added, “Ultimately, I would love to see her (Hillary Clinton) win because it would be nice to have a woman running the country because there’s a woman running my life. My wife been running my life for the past 20 years. Because a true champion has a woman as his backbone.”