‘Spaceballs 2’ Teaser Posters Have Been Spotted In A NYC Subway Station!

Thanks to Mines Press comes some potentially incredible news, as over 30 teaser posters for Spaceballs 2 were spotted in a Manhattan subway station. The mere sighting alone brings about an instant HOLE-LEE SHIT.

Considering the posters contain the lead copy of “The Schwartz awakens with an even greater helmet” along with the teaser poster actually saying “THE TEASER POSTER,” it certainly reeks of Mel Brooks. But maybe that’s the point.

So alas, we must taper out excitement. Just based on the vast number of people who want to see this sequel happen, this could easily be a rogue marketing attempt by a devout fan in the hopes of getting the wheels in motion. Or perhaps, speeding them up. And even if that is the case, I say cheers to them. Whatever it takes to get the attention of Mel Brooks and remind him that a sequel is in high demand and must be delivered to our viewing eyeballs.

As I mentioned in a previous post about a sequel being in the works, the absolute must here is if Dark Helmet is in the mix, and he better be, he must be played by the great Rick Moranis. But again, the problem with that is Moranis stepped away from acting and the Hollywood scene altogether back in 1997 after his wife sadly passed away from breast cancer.

However, if he does have one more genius offering to gift the masses, it’s definitely a Spaceballs sequel.

Hope is alive. And may the Schwartz Be With You.

[H/T Mines Press]

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