Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Mia Kang Joined The BroBible Staff For A Day And Here’s How We Scared Her Away Forever

As one may expect from a publication named BroBible, there aren’t a plethora of females strolling through our offices on a day-to-day basis. It’s not that we’re not an equal opportunity employer (actually, don’t fact check me on that), but in the same way I wouldn’t get a job at Forever 21, your typical woman has no interest in burping contests, beef jerky, and drinking until we forget. Ya know, high-brow shit.

So seeing a new girl in our office is like seeing Tim Tebow in a brothel. Especially if that girl is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie Mia Kang. Now I know what you’re thinking: “What kind of beta male loser can’t hold himself together at the sight of a girl in the workplace?” To that, I would say, “Your words are hurtful” and I’d also like to present to you a visual of what we’re dealing with, Don Jon.

YA, not your typical Debbie from Accounting, so BACK OFF.

Mia stopped by our office last week for a day in the life of a BroBible blogger, and while she doesn’t have a moderate drinking problem and crumbs permanently lodged in her beard, we were open to diversifying our work staff in hopes of expanding our audience. She smelled good. Like a Caribbean breeze. And a Sephora.

I’d say we pretty much nailed it. Sure, she left in a huff never to return again, but you know chicks bro, always playing hard to get. CLASSIC Mia.

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