Stephen Colbert Goes Full ‘Yo Momma’ Against Hillary Clinton In Response To Her Email Scandal Ruling

“UH-OH!! Stevie C-Flow is in the house!!” is pretty much exactly what I imagine an MC yelling if Stephen Colbert ever walked into a rap battle. There’s not much you can do street name-wise when you’re name is Stephen Colbert. That name belongs on a nameplate atop some oak desk in a fancy office. Not in the dungeons of rap halls. Imagine if Eminem’s character in 8 Mile was named Stephen Colbert. The Free World would have verbally torn him a new asshole. The whole “This dude’s a gangsta? His real name is Clarence” line would have sounded pretty dumb after they said, “You’re name is Stephen Colbert, You sound about as street as the new options at Build-A-Bear.” (Side note: You can admit it, that was dope.)

All things aside, Stephen did shock me a bit last night when he came out swinging at Hillary Clinton in the wake of her not being indicted in regards to her email scandal. Old Stevie C-Flow laying down some ice-cold lyrical burns. So grab a fork and a bib, Hillary, because you’re about to eat a whole helping shit courtesy of Stephen’s rhymes.