Stephen Colbert Might Have Destroyed Future Sales for the Vapshot Alcohol Vaporizer Last Night

by 4 years ago


The idea of inhaling alcohol directly into my bloodstream, by way of my lungs, has always intrigued me. Get drunk without having to ever vomit or gain weight (provided I could avoid buying a thousand slices of pizza on the way home). When I was in high school and college both of those plights were not a concern of mine. But since around my 27th birthday, my post-drinking, next-day vomiting-hangover combos have been off-the-fucking-charts. I literally puke for hours. It ain’t pretty. And my wife especially hates it when the alcohol has rendered me stupid enough that I think hurling in the bathroom sink, instead of the toilet, is a sensational idea. (Hot Life Tip: IT IS NOT)

The allure of Vapshot Alcohol Vaporizer and other’s like it is that they will supposedly reduce all that purge-filled fun I keep having. What I didn’t know, however, was just how terrible it probably is for you. Especially if you’re a guy who just keeps going and going, pushing the limits of what is reasonable every time he gets drunk.

Eh, I’ll probably still try it, though, because fuck it, right?

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