Here Is Steve-O Having The Time Of His Life At The Age Of 40

No matter how many Elite Daily articles you read, it’s an absolute MYTH… a big, ugly, bullshit, fucking MYTH that life is over after the age of 30. You know how I know? Because I see how happy and content all these crazy 30-somethings are who have just figured life out and no longer give a fuck about the things you give a fuck about in your 20s, like impressing people who you have no business trying to impress or whatever. This video of Jackass star Steve-O having the time of his life at the age of 40 will remind your myopic millennial brain that — yo — there are still many many more good days of bro-ing out ahead.

And if you haven’t quite made it to that moment of self-actualization yet, no worries. We’re all still figuring it out. 40 is the new 20. If a coked-up star of a show where they went scuba diving in sewage could do it, you can most definitely can too.

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