The New Season of ‘Survivor’ Features Two Brothers Who Might Be the Biggest Bros Ever

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Do you watch Survivor? I don’t! I don’t think I’ve watched a single episode since 2003, back when the idea of “reality show!” was an exciting new entertainment option as the sun was setting on the laugh-track sit-com. Today a long time BroBible reader tipped us off to two brothers from Winter Park, Florida who are contestants on the new season of Survivor, which starts on Wednesday, September 24th. Competing for the million-dollar jackpot, the older brother, Drew, is a model who “quit my college football scholarship because I wanted to party.” Alec, of course, is a student at Florida Gulf Coast University who slays it on the lacrosse field. Just look at their ridiculous cast bios on the CBS website:

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These two dudes may have just given me a reason to actually watch Survivor again. I mean… Look at that glorious, glorious flow! Majestic lettuce like that was sculpted from the hands of The Maker himself. Here’s their introduction video. Bro so hard, Drew and Alec: