Only The Rock Could Talk About His Balls And Drop F-Bombs And Somehow Make It Sound Charming

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has just been killing it lately on Instagram with Rocky montages and being a horse whisperer and other entertaining pics and videos. Which makes sense, because it really is the perfect social media platform for him as he can utilize all those voice inflections and facial gestures that made him one of the greatest workers of the stick in professional wrestling history.

And yesterday he was back at it again. Watch as The Rock asks his stylist a question about his balls then drops a “I don’t know what the fuck that means” on us all while looking like the most charming badass on the planet.

That right there is why The Rock is in such high demand having landed a TV show, a Baywatch movie, a superhero movie and the remake of an unnamed classic comedy just in the past few months alone.

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