This Video Of A GameStop Employee Talking About What It’s Like To Be A GameStop Employee Still Makes Me Laugh

I wrote about this video when it first hit the Internet three years ago. I guess I haven’t really made that much progression with my life because here I am today, blogging about it again. I’ve gotten slightly better at perfecting my pasta salad recipe. I also bought a pretty sweet new couch at Crate and Barrel a while back. I sit on it when I play video games. Other than that, not much has changed.

Here’s what I wrote three years ago:

Absolutely hilarious. As an adult video gamer, I feel this guy’s pain. Every time I walk into GameStop I get freaked out by the psychotic children running around that store. Sucks to work in retail this time of year.

Here’s what I have to say about it now:

Holds up! GameStop still freaks me out, though these days I just download everything on Xbox one. Boom — awkward interaction with teenagers who can kick my ass at video games avoided.

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