Tim Tebow Surprised A Special Needs Fan With A Prom Slow Dance Because Of Course He Did

by 11 months ago

Tim Tebow is a genuinely great guy. It literally kills a part of my soul to admit that. I’m an FSU alumni and part of my time in college happened to overlap with Tim Tebow winning two BCS National Championships for our rival Florida Gators. For years I harbored an immeasurable amount of hatred for Tim Tebow the athlete, but now that he’s just some jabroni wasting away in baseball’s minor leagues I can finally bring myself to admit that Tim Tebow truly is a good person. Speaking of, Tebow talked baseball last night as well:

One of the countless events that Tim Tebow’s charity puts on is ‘A Night To Shine‘. It is a worldwide event for special needs individuals where all across the globe the charity puts on prom events. This year, Tim Tebow surprised one lucky superfan with a slow dance during prom night in what might be the most Tebow story I’ve heard this year.

This year’s ‘Night to Shine’ actually took place a few months ago, back in February. 2017’s ‘Night To Shine’ saw 75,000 honored guests celebrating prom night, and an astounding 150,000 volunteers. If it sounds like I’m plugging ‘A Night to Shine’ here it’s because I sort of am. I have a younger cousin who is special needs and I’ve seen firsthand how special this night was for him. If you are ever looking for a worthy cause to get involved with, this might be it.

You can learn more about ‘A Night to Shine‘ from the Tim Tebow Foundation by following that link.

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