Adult Male Tom Cruise Once Made His Adult Friends Play Hide-And-Seek With Him

There is most certainly something to be said for never losing your child-like sense of joy and fun. Hell, I think that’s half the reason dudes self-identify as Bros. So they can, as adults, behave like little children with a built-in justification. Just being a Bro.

I have no idea if Tom Cruise considers himself a Bro, but according to a new book, he’s still into some kiddie behaviors, in a weird, weird way.

The story comes from Leah Remini’s new book about leaving Scientology. Remini was a member of the “Church,” but after breaking from it is now dishing secrets. In her newest reveal she says Cruise, who is still a practicing Scientologist, wanted to play hide-and-seek with his adult house guests.

Tom Cruise once asked some of his friends — including Will and Jada Pinkett Smith — to play the children’s game at his Los Angeles home.

Remini, wearing heels at the time, thought that the Risky Business star was joking at first. “I can’t play — I’m wearing Jimmy Choos,” Remini, 45, recalled in her book, which includes several anecdotes about the actor. “Well, good,” Cruise allegedly replied, as quoted by the actress. “So you’re It, then.”

The Exes star claimed that she stayed put as Cruise, now 53, ran off to hide in his “almost three full acres of secluded land.”

Yep. Scientology is DEFINITELY NOT a creepy cult that brainwashes its members.

Not at all.

[Via US Weekly]

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