Too Many Cooks Mash-Up With Game Of Thrones Is Just Too Perfect

Back in November, Adult Swim created the bizarrely entertaining and mind-numbingly long fake intro to a show called “Too Many Cooks.”

YouTube user Alex Cohen used the sitcom-y music and blended it with the characters of Game of Thrones for this incredible video titled “Too Many Kings.”

It starts off all cutesy, but then becomes darker and more and more graphic and gruesome violence is mixed in that GoT viewers thrive on.

This 11 minute refresher course reminds you just how vast a world that Westeros is. I had totally forgot about tertiary and quaternary characters such as Qhorin Halfhand, Craster, Pyat Pree, Viserys Targaryen with his gold crown and somehow I even forgot about Ros and her great tittays.

There are spoilers in this video, so please proceed with caution.

Annnnnnnnd that fucking song is stuck in your head again.

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